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Values that Drive LOVE CHILDERN HOME (LCH) Programs

In meeting our goals and objectives, and creating a replicable model for serving children in need, our programs shall be driven by the following values:

  • LCH is committed to honesty and integrity and therefore operates with 100 percent accountability and transparency for the benefit of its donors, partners, staff and supporters.
  • LCH commits that to the best of its ability all decisions that the organization makes ultimately contribute to the mental, physical and spiritual health and well being of disenfranchised children.
  • LCH seeks out and fosters partnerships with Ethiopian and other organizations understanding that such partnerships will contribute to achieving the VISION and MISSION of LCH.
  • LCH is committed to implement the best practices related to childcare and helping children of trauma.
  • LCH supports environmental sustainability and where ever possible will seek out solutions that reduce or minimize environmental impact.


Vision Statement:

LOVE CHILDERN HOME (LCH) envisions a permanent systemic change within the child welfare system; allowing all disenfranchised children in Ethiopia the opportunity to grow up with a stable family unit including siblings, surrogate parent caregivers and strong community ties.

Mission Statement:

LOVE CHILDERN HOME (LCH) mission is to help disenfranchised children reach their full potential through family-centered, community based homes; to thrive and become productive members of their society. 


  • Support holistic development of orphan and needy children in an enabling family centered environment.
  • Ensure sustainability and self-sufficiency through principles of environmental protection and respect.
  • Provide sufficient training and financial support for families to ensure long-term success of their children.
  • Develop strong and lasting relationships with donors, partners and government agencies.
  • Alleviate suffering of children.
  • Raise sufficient funds through donations to LOVE CHILDERN HOME (LCH) in order to actualize the organizational Mission and Goals.
  • Create a scalable, repeatable model that could be transferred to other parts of Ethiopian communities and countries where there is a need and desire to implement.


To increase access and create conducive environment to the physical, economical and psychological development of orphan, needy and vulnerable children.


The specific objectives of the program include: –

To fulfill the basic rights/needs of female and male orphans, vulnerable and needy children including their rights of access to:

  • Food;
  • Supplementary nutritional assistance;
  • Academic and/or vocational education;
  • Care and affection;
  • Health care and counseling;
  • Special care and attention for children with disabilities.


Result (expected outcome of the project)


The project is expected to achieve the following results

  •  Children will get family centered care,
  • Children have access to education,
  • All beneficiary children have access to health service,
  • Children will get access to psychosocial support,
  • Children will become good citizen,


Project Activities and Strategies


  • Support  children get meal to ensure balanced diet,
  • Enroll  children in nearby government school,
  • Pay registration fees for  children,
  • Purchase school materials for  students,
  • Purchase school  uniform for  students,
  • Pay yearly school fee for  students,
  • Purchase supplementary books,
  • Organize tutorial class for all school going students,
  • Use voluntary teachers for tutorial class,
  • Conduct medical checkup when children become ill,
  • Organize health  educational twice a year,
  • Invite voluntary health professionals to provide health education,
  • Provide hygienic materials for  children,
  • Purchase shoes and cloths two times a year for children,
  • Organize life skill training for  children parents every 6 month,
  • Celebrate holidays 2 times a year,
  • Organize family visit programs for children during holydays and summer time,




  • Strengthening relationship and cooperation with the existing donors and looking for new ones to solicit funds,
  • Signing project agreement with concerned governmental departments for its smooth implementation,
  • Select eligible beneficiaries with the collaboration of respected sub cities women children and youth affairs bureau,
  • Giving scheduled behavioral support and provide guidance and counseling support for the children,
  • Create good working relationship and network with organizations that are working with children welfare,
  • Proper utilization of the existing community structures to increase their support in the implementation of the project,
  • Ensuring the active participation of children and community in planning, implementing and monitoring of programs that directly or indirectly affect their life,
  • Ensuring community participation in the implementation and ownership of the project,
  • Building up the institutional capacity of LCH with qualified man power and material resources,
  • Efficient and effective utilization of material and financial resource.



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