Possibilities of sponsoring a child as part of a group

Possibilities of sponsoring a child as part of a group is the most cost-effective way to end extreme child poverty. It addresses not only a child’s immediate physical needs, it also builds self-esteem and self-respect. Although there are similarities across other child sponsorship programs, but LCH is unique because the sponsorship is expected to achieve access to education, access to health service, access to psychosocial support and become good citizen.

Substitute a sponsored child with another

Love children home (LCH) has to submit annual plan of operation to Addis Ababa City Administration Finance Bureau of NGOs affairs department as it is in the agreement entered. Based on the plan operation, the organization is obliged to submit quarterly and annual activity and financial reports to the signatories. The organization will facilitate visiting opportunities and be open for monitoring to ensure transparency.

Based on the periodic review LCH makes, decisions to substitute of a sponsored child with another is part of its activities. Substitute of a sponsored child with another takes place when a child is likely to get a job or went to work on any business which allows the child to be financially independent, married, and started his or her own family. For instance, children may go away to university and in that regard, it is appropriate to consider the period of adolescence and that of emerging adulthood and other points that help notify the sponsor immediately. In all the above-mentioned situations and other meaningful points the child sponsor will be informed without delay and the substitution with another child will be proposed.

Help a needy/orphan Children!

 How much am I expected to give for the sponsorship?

If you prefer to make a one-time donation, or you prefer that your donation is used for many children (instead of one specific child), then we always welcome your donation.Puoi donare con cadenza: mensile (30€) / trimestrale (90€)/ semestrale (180€) / annuale (360€) These children are part of the programs of LCH in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that provides many programs for underprivileged children. We currently have many profiles of children who are in need of your support. Please contact us (e-mail Meaza at (meazasel2@gmail.com),or Lchethiopia@gmail.com and we can e-mail you a list of available children. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can select a needy child for you. We will e-mail you also the identification number of your child, which will also help you if you like to write your child.

 The financial support is used to pay for their tuition fees at the beginning and middle of the year, to give them supplies at the start of the school year (backpack, notebooks, pens, etc), for individual medical expenses etc.. Any money that is left at the end of the year is given to the child, which can be used for any other needs (extra tuition etc). If you like to donate any extra money for the children (e.g., for extra school expenses), you can also send it via the same way. If you like to write your child or send a small gift, then please send it to the LCH office and they will forward it to your child.

Don’t send large gifts that require much postage, as that postage could be spent better on the child. It is better to make an extra donation and we will make sure the money is used for something the child likes to have or really needs (such as extra tuition, or books, or a bicycle,). Children enjoy even simple things, such as receiving pictures, or stickers they can put on their notebooks! We would like to see that pictures of you and your family are framed and displayed at an important location, because of your importance in the life of the child.

How long does the sponsoring last?

To graduate from LCH’s Child Sponsorship Program, sponsored children need to have at least completed primary school, a vocational training course and possibly secondary education as well. The expected age at which children may complete the program will be between 18 years and 19 years. A child may leave the program earlier if their family moves from the area, or if the livelihood situation improves, or if the family chooses to withdraw their child from the program. Every teenager with LCH has a plan for their future, including their likely date for finishing the program.

God- sole provider (Practical Case)


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