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Many of the Ethiopian orphans and vulnerable children and kids in Ethiopia live in households headed by elderly people, children or adult relatives who are terminally ill. A large number of children live in dire poverty. Children growing up in such circumstances are at greater risk of being affected by poor nutrition, inadequate access to education, lack of emotional support, health and exploitation and abuse. According to a report released by UNAIDS, more than 13 million children under the age of 15 have lost one or both parents to AIDS and most of these children are found in Sub Saharan Africa. The number of orphan children with AIDS is expected to rise in the coming years as indicated in ‘children on the Brink (2002) a joint report of USAID/UNICEF. From the UNICEF 2016 report it’s found that 140 million children worldwide are orphans.

Therefore the situation of orphan and vulnerable needy children in especially difficult circumstances is crucial and needs to be concerned focus to take as part of the effort to improve the lives and well-being of orphans and other vulnerable children without parental children’s home Ethiopia home(LCH) envisions a permanent systemic change within the child welfare system (join adoption at distance Ethiopia) allowing all disenfranchised children in Ethiopia the opportunity to grow up with a stable family unit including siblings, surrogate parent caregivers and strong community ties.LOVE CHILDREN HOME (LCH) mission is to help disenfranchised children reach their full potential through family-centered, community based homes; to thrive and become productive members of their society. 

Support holistic development of orphan and needy children in an enabling family centered environment.Ensure sustainability and self-sufficiency through principles of environmental protection and respect. Ethiopian orphan kids need help to go to school, please join adoption at distance Ethiopia



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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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